Land Hooooo!

Land Ohhhh! would be the best way to contact me with word “Land” in the subject.
We are looking for someone to move onto our three acres right outside of Grayling Michigan and improve the property. The interested party would live or camp there for free. Clear trees out of the middle of property creating a clearing for a house, etc. The person would need to have a camper or tiny home on wheels. The county will come out and check to see if anyone is living on the property. As long as the Camper is moved to a different location on the property every few weeks we were told it would be fine. They just need to know NO ONE is living there without water/ electricity of which there are none at this time. There is a campground 10 minutes away from the property. I would suggest camping there at least once a month. Our goal is to improve the property and swap it for a larger parcel later. Some time next year. The property is located between the city of Grayling Michigan and the largest National Guard facility in the Nation. It is also right across the street from 400 acres of national forest. If anyone would like more information please email me.


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