Three RIvers Recreation Area, Oregon

Named one of the best spots to live off grid by MSN real estate, the property is zoned as a recreational property so most owners come for camping and entertainment, but still it has a private beach, a recreation hall, a fire department, gun range and sand dunes for ATV’s. And the population of Three Rivers consists of about 80 full-time residents, but many more part-timers who stay for weekend getaways, vacationers and they all stay in some of the roughly 600 homes on the property. The full-timers range from doctors, welders, students, sales managers, property brokers, and retired professionals.   

Even though Three Rivers Recreation area is off the grid, Internet and satellite television are available, according to Residents are using solar panels, wind turbines and generators for their electricity needs. Though some are using propane gas. And for water some are getting the water from deep wells, while other homeowners have water hauled in to them. 

Property Costs: Home prices range from $13,000 to $800,00.

For more information check out the link:





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