40 acre Northern AZ Ranch Foreclosure Steal

40 acre Northern AZ Ranch Foreclosure Steal

40 acre Northern AZ Ranch Foreclosure Steal
Listing Status: Active
Price: $22,900
Located in the southern reaches of Elk Valley Ranch, this land is heavily wooded with mature stands of Pinon Pine and Rocky Mountain Juniper. The acreage includes the ownership of three small meadows one of which lies below well treed ridgeline within the property’s northern portion. There are two exceptional cabin sites atop the ridge which look out across the woods and meadows of the adjoining 640 acres of State Trust Land below.


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  1. Posted by cathleenbutler on April 19, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Wish I had the money right now, that is a steal! I am looking to lease to own land in Montana, Wyoming or Utah where I can build a home and have some livestock and pets, grow some food and build a barn, would love for it to have a pond or two or a well and for it to be possible to be bring electricity in at some point, do not mind digging a well or using a generator. Would prefer land that is higher elevated if possible. I can be contacted at creativeenergy1@cox.net Blessings!


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