Roast Your Own Specialty Coffee!

Coffee. Need I say more. Ok, I will… I have been trying different coffees everywhere I have traveled. Most of them have one thing in common, the burnt taste. And after roasting my own, I can tell just why they taste burnt, because essentially, they are. In my quest for great coffee, I have now learned to roast my own. I ordered my ‘green’ coffee beans ( green means un-roasted) from Sweet Maria’s. They have many varieties to choose from. I chose beans from Peru and Guatemala. The Peru beans are defined as “Wonderful creamy quality, chocolate syrup that lingers nicely, subtle, malic acidity provides a nice backdrop for the sweetness of this lot.” So, I really needed to read nothing other than the first three words, SOLD. As for the Guatemala beans they are defined as “Good caramelized sugar sweetness, hazelnut roast tones, dark honey finish, cinnamon stick hints, raisin and milk chocolate at darker levels.” In this demonstration I have roasted the beans from Peru but the same process is equal for all un-roasted coffee beans.
The items you will need are: coffee grinder, metal strainer, green coffee beans, and an old fashion popcorn maker. This one has the lid removed.Image



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  1. I was never a coffee drinker as I always had a bad reaction to caffeine. One cup would keep me awake for 2 days or more. About 3 weeks ago my wife turned me onto a caffeinated coffee that didn’t do that. It contained a special mushroom that gave me energy like I have never experienced before. For food I live on fruits, greens and veggies. All raw and as fresh as possible. I am 55 yrs of age and run 85-150 miles per week primarily barefoot. If you would like to know more about this blend of coffee feel free to look me up on Facebook. I’m the only Erskien on there…


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  3. […] Roast Your Own Specialty Coffee! […]


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