Aventure and fun whilst volunteering !




We have a small finca (8 hectares / 20 acrs. ) in the southern zone of costa rica, nearby and on the main road to pavones (world famous surfing location). we kept our jungle in a natural condition ( past 20 yrs.) but need some help now maintaining this. we hope to set up a hostel and biological science station , along with this being an example for our good neighbors nearby and through-out the country. this is real jungle , but > a short walk to neighbor’s restaraunt/bar …



Volunteer and for help at a vegetable farm, seed save project in Hamburg Germany!  Welcome in Hamburg ! We are a young family living in a beautifull nature where we founded an eco-project early this year near by a nature reservat . Although you will not believe when you see the beautifull landscape here, we are still inside Hamburg.

We always need help with farming , restauration and other things you possibly like to do here. We have enough space for ideas, or simply enjoy the beautifull atmosphere while helping to develop this project. We wish you would stay at least 2 weeks, and you can decide if you live more seperate with own cooking and housing or close to us in the main house. We are at the beginning with this eco project – and many things will be done the first time. If you like – let´s contact via Skype, let´s see if we have free space in your prefered time period.
Vera, Louisa, Anna, Arnd

Bottom line If you love to travel, This may be just what you need ….  Learn as you travel,

Come Check out this site 🙂  

@ http://www.workaway.info/hostlist-fr.html



how can this go wrong?




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  1. Posted by Tavia on April 30, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    On both, is food and shelter provided? How do you get from the airport to location? …and does the German feeling have anything to do with Monsanto? Thank you.


  2. Posted by Tavia on April 30, 2013 at 12:24 pm



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