Living In A Tipi

The Tipi


Profile of tipi, taken at Larkhill Tipis by B.Morse

Photo above taken by B Morse

The tipi is a magnificent structure and provides surprisingly spacious accommodation for four people as well as being wonderful for a romantic break away for a couple. There’s nothing quite like a central fire at night with the flames flickering to create a warm, comfortable and extremely relaxing atmosphere, far from the pressures of the world. It is located at the end of the campsite and therefore relatively private.














We have a chimnea in the centre of the tipi which has a circular mesh so that the fire is visible from all angles. The chimnea also has a funnel shaped top, which sends the smoke up and out of the smoke flaps at the top of the tipi, and a fireguard. The tipi is furnished with four wooden bed bases which are close to the ground. There are two single beds and one double all of which are covered with comfortable mattresses, pillows and throws, together with large cushions. There is a storage trunk full of extra blankets, a low table and a wooden chest which contains all your cooking equipment – pans, frying pan, plates, mugs and cutlery. The dry gravel floor is covered with matting and sheepskins. We supply firelighters and a good supply of chopped, dry and seasoned hardwood in a basket.


Upward shot of the inside of the Tipi


We will give you guidance when you arrive on the use of the fire, cover all health and safety issues and show you how to use the smoke flaps. We are almost always available and are only too willing to give assistance if any is required.



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