Tiny House ~ Voluntary simplicity in American culture.

     I am pleased to announce that I have been living full-time in the Gold Thread Tiny house since August, 2012, and have been truly enjoying it.  The Gold Thread Tiny house is parked near Harlemville NY, in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York State, on a friend’s land.  It sits atop a grassy hillside with beautiful views of rolling hills, and the Catskill Mountains to the west where I was born.  I have three cows, and sometimes two horses, as neighbors, but they are not my own.                        Image               The one day when i did run out of power, (first noticed by the water droplets coming from the bottom of my thawing refrigerator) it turned out that i had failed to brush a five inch blanket of snow off of my panels for an entire day. Gotta love the simple solutions! It felt so good to have my 1000 Watt power inverter running the other morning,

ImageDeep Drifts and Warm Sun!

Buckminster Fuller once said, “If you want to change how somone thinks, give up; you can not change how people think. Give them a tool, the use of which will cause them to think differently.” The tiny house is just such a tool.

More to read

and many more Photos

to see here @   http://www.goldthreadtinyhouse.blogspot.de/


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