Charming microhomes built with salvaged heritage lumber

The entire cabin began with a daydream of wide windowsills so my cat, 42, could sit and look out. The next winter I built a second and towed it into Missoula to show at a Farmer’s Market. It sold to the very first person who cycled by, along with a promise to create another.Image

Custom-built tiny homes are as unique as snowflakes, depending on the motivations and predilections of the creator. So far, we’ve seen winter-worthy mobile tiny homes, “pure salvage” microhomes built entirely from demolished buildings. For American tiny house builder and author Charles Finn, it was the proportional poetry, efficiency and simplicity of traditional Japanese tea houses that first got him thinking about building small.


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  1. I live half my life in a 10×12 room as a home healthcare provider. I bring my food with me, fold out the couch for sleep. I live out of a backpack and canvas shopping bag half of my life. The other half, I live in a 1625 sf house. Can’t say the other half is all that much better. Living small is choosing quality over quantity. I have movies, books, my photographs and contact with my my friends. Face to face with the grandbaby and kids. The rest is just stuff. Quality over quantity anyday….


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