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Something to Consider Have you a Summer Project!
A POST BY:: Scott M. Haines

i am a builder living on Oahu, Hawaii. i would like to do some traveling over the summer and would like to help folks build their projects, bartering for services. i currently live on an organic farm here where i have constructed a water catchment system, solar food drier, composting toilet and maintained the property. some of my skills include drawing in perspective (blueprints), custom woodworking, masonry, tile and all the basics: forms, framing and finish. working with reclaimed/ re-purposed materials is something i enjoy. maybe you know of some people who have the pieces of the puzzle, they just need some help putting it all together.        here’s some more about my experience, originally from new england (born in salem ma.) my dad and grandfather built their own houses. i got started around 6th grade (47 years old now). back east there are lots of bob villa types. i was fortunate to work with some real masters. here in Hawaii, i have done lots of custom jobs; cabinetry, tile, spiral stairs… i have built two 10×12 houses here on rented land and have developed my own designs for others. the code for requiring a building permit here is 150sqft. also, structures in trees are not in need of permits… (i would love to get my hands on a treehouse project). mahalo for all you hard work and all of the ideas.

i could provide photos of my recent projects i someone were interested.
a hui ho aloha.
Scott M. Haines

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  1. Posted by john lilgreen on May 7, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    very inspiring to say the least. wish i had your skills, there is infact very little in this world i would just give up(family the only thing that actually comes to mind) to have your skills.


  2. I just want to commend you for your work and wilingness to barter for services. I am not ready for your help but maybe in the future. We are planning a healing village, if you will, a sort of a camp for people needing healing and for training in the healing arts moving up to a global light village where we transform the thoughts on the planet by raising our awareness to the of Creator. Keep me in your files, if you have files, and perhaps down the road we’ll meet again and you can assist or brain storm with us for what is needed and how to do it. Much love and happy trails my fellow traveling friend. Anjali! Ria


  3. I have a little land in Colorado..I would appreciate any help to know how to start so that we can have a small living/studio there.


  4. Posted by Susie M on May 7, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Hey Scott, that is a wonderful way to travel. Should you desire to spend some time in Vermont, I have 5 nice quiet acres between Killington and Rutland, full of wild life, bear, deer, fisher cat, damn fox, coyotes, turkeys, turtles, big fat woodchuck, a heron, couple of pilliated woodpeckers, and a ton of other birds, maybe even a moose, definitely lots of mice, rabbits and snakes, not sure which breeds faster out of those three.

    Being unable to work for the last 2 years due to an illness(still waiting on SSDI) has seriously undermined my security here. While I do have about 50% equity in the property, it’s doesn’t feel it when I have to scramble around every month, selling what I can to pay the mortgage and keep the lights on(no lights, no water).

    I NEVER want to be in this predicament ever again! I want to build a tiny house. Problem- I got sick, and my stamina rolled over and died.

    When I moved in, I did so much to this place, built a patio, put down floors, redid a bathroom, painted the entire place. I took down about 60 trees, built raised flower and veggie beds, put a new floor in the barn. Didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but just figured it out as I went along.

    Then I got sick, and was breathless after just going out to let the chickens out and get the eggs. I was so tired all the time, even tho’ I was sleeping my life away. Doctors are still working on it, hopefully it’s getting better, but I’m close to losing my ‘sanctuary’

    Here’s where hopefully, you come in – I have tools, table saw, miter saw, router jig saw etc. I’m keeping my eyes on craigslist for an 8’X18′ flat bed trailer. After hurricane Irene, there has to be more reclaimed wood around than normal. I’ve been collecting pallets for the flooring. I have finally decided on the interior of my floor plan, kind of a cross between a tumbleweed and an old vardo. I can’t build it myself, not now, maybe a few years ago, but now my arms get tired just combing out my hair – crazy!

    If you want to spend some time around here, I have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for just myself and dog. I used to foster troubled kids, but this darn illness but the kills witch on that. If I can get my tiny home built, then I can rent out this place rather than have it foreclosed on by the bank. I’d really like to rent to a family with kids, you’d understand if you saw the place. There is the perfect place for a kid’s fort/tree house, maybe even put in a zip line – every kid should have a zip line…

    So, what else is in it for you? oh, btw I am an ex professional chef, with a passion for only good food, full of flavor, and since I do actually get food stamps, good food is not a problem. I bake all my own bread, and sell quite a bit, and the same with my yogurt.

    As long as you have a sense of humor, and are tickled by the absurd, you would get a kick out of a typical day here. I only have to look out of the window, or go to the back door, and if just one chicken happens to spot me, they all come running at full flap!, it’s usually while I’m checking to see if the coast is clear to take Lilly out. Lilly is a Boxer/pitt/hound cross. It’s hysterical to see us attempting to negotiate the deck without stepping on chickens, or what chickens just dropped in excitement, they poop everywhere (I have a fence, it’s still rolled up) Then all seven of us go walking around the yard. I’m only 50- I’m too young to be a crazy old lady! There is so much more silly stuff like that, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

    Even if you just get time to stop for fresh bread and coffee on your way to MA, you must stop in with all your photos and let me pick your brain, share my tiny house plan, then you can tell me how I can make it work.

    Drop me a line….. oh, we have a wonderful lake nearby, (of course we do, everybody does, that’s why Vermont is so great in summer, it’s full of lakes and hiking) 🙂

    ayup, ahsithee th’n (I’m learning to speak vurrmonta)

    Susie Matthews


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