The Enemy at the Door

Every time you read of a home invasion robbery, or an in-the-window abduction of a sleeping child,Don’t you feel angry a little frustrated. Why should we be so vulnerable in our homes? Ever feel annoyed with architects?  Why aren’t they designing homes in which we can at least relax and feel safe?Image

Here is a page to make ya think a little about the above statements  🙂



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  1. Posted by Susie M on May 7, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    Not much call for that here in Vermont Scott, we take the 2nd amendment very seriously, in fact the only places we can’t carry, are on school and federal property.
    Cute little ol’ ladies that you help across the street are probably packing heat.

    Even the principal of the local high school has his gun rack in his pick up though, come deer season. 1st day of deer season, 3/4 of the kids are missing from school, and the stores look kinda short staffed too. Not that there’s many customers around. You don’t walk your dog those 1st few days, not even if you’re both covered in day glow orange!

    I used to warn my foster kids against sneaking out at night…. I’d always get them to come the window quick “listen! – that’s a young bear – can you hear how excited he’s squeaking? he just found all that old fruit I threw on the compost pile” They’d act like they didn’t care… or that the coyotes singing was no big deal, but the fisher cat’s blood curdling scream always had the younger ones running like crazy into my room for a safety hug… ha ha…. no one’s sneaking out of here at night – that means that the word is spreading about how creepy it is at night, and I might have mentioned that I hadn’t heard the mountain cat in a while….. word travels fast in small town, besides, I don’t have anything worth stealing.

    That might be the future of some neighborhoods, but not mine, I swim in a lake, I want my house tiny and on wheels, with my energy from the sun. I don’t need all that crap, if some one is really mean to me, I’ll pretend not to notice, smile sweetly, and give them a cup of herbal tea….. I know many herbs, some should only be taken in extreme moderation….muahahahahah!


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