Tiny House “Cooking Show”?

You may remember Pepper Clark from our posts about her work on the Towhee or the Priya. Though she’s honored and excited to work for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company teaching workshops, she and Dylan Pankow are still bringing their unique skillset to the community with a new project from Bungalow to Go. After hearing many requests for it from tiny house fans, they’re planning to launch a live building education experience and they’re looking for feedback from the community.


Their idea is to present the sequential process of building a tiny house live, in person, in a similar format to cooking shows. First they would show you the materials involved and discuss terminology and theory. You’d watch the crew set up and perform some of the work in front of you, then see the project in a half completed state. Each section would wrap with up a Q&A session. It would be a seven day series, with a day devoted to each of the major segments of the building process. Attendees could sign up for individual days, or take the entire series at a lower daily rate. READ MORE @   http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house/tiny-house-cooking-show/


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