************** I HAVE A DREAM *************

Feels at all like they would wish to be a part of something like this .

WHERE EVER I CAN FIND A POSSBLE HOUSE OR LAND  GET IN TOUCH WITH ME  , <— I have had dreams  of this for  long time…  perhaps having a few women interested and also wanting some living space- will get me moving or perhaps together we can begin this?   IT IS ABOUT LIVEABLE COMMUNITIES: SHARED HOUSES FOR OLDER WOMEN
PLEASE READ —->    http://www.steppingstonestays.com/shared_houses.htm

Contact Me VIA Message on my Kindred Facebook, leave contact e mail and or telly #s  I will get back to all.

This will just be the first of many…I am hoping to start this All Over Wherever Possible….  A Little Help would be GRAND!


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  1. Posted by Holliday Smith on May 9, 2013 at 8:33 am

    This is an interesting idea. I would love to have my mom in such a situation. One thing you might also consider is a Grandma for hire if you can’t afford a place. A farm (like ours) gives you room and board for help around the farm so many hours. This can take the form of pet sitting, collecting eggs, helping start or maintain a garden or just helping with the daily chores. It could be with a family that has children or not. Just another idea.


  2. I have long dreamed of creating a “village” situation for women. I would like to start working for it now however I still have my male partner with me and don’t know if I’d be welcome to somehow combine those two worlds. I do believe creating a community for women as we age is the way we can maintain a good and happy quality of life. Let me know how you progress.


  3. I’m in, I want this also. 🙂


  4. I’m definitely interested in this. Here is my regular e-mail:
    “alysonjohnson@yahoo.com” Thanks! Following this blog now. 🙂


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