Charlottesville Virginia Living

Let get small?

It seems everywhere we turn, we’re hearing more about the pioneers of  “tiny” living.   We’re not talking about elves or even small people… instead we’re talking about ordinary people living in a total space that’s typically less than 500 sq.ft. which is designed to be built on a footprint the size of a boat trailer… with the functionality of a yacht.

Jay Shafer, a co-founder of the Small House Society, has even designed and built a house that measures only 89 sq.ft.   Mr. Shafer is also a co-owner of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company which builds and sells custom homes of all shapes … but only tiny sizes.

For those who’re interested in creating a sustainable lifestyle, a tiny home provides an impetus to reorder life’s priorities in order to peel away the unnecessary encumbrances that have accumulated.  Many owners of small homes have chosen to live apart from a main power grid altogether, but most can be hooked up to utilities.   Sometimes these small dwellings are used as detached studios or offices as well.

Tumbleweed’s tiny houses are great. These houses sizes range from 70 to 120 sq. ft. and more. They offer ample storage solutions as you should expect from every tiny house plans.

Envirolet waterless toilets are ideal for cabins. No septic needed.

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